Services SETA Accreditation

Leap Skills Development Institute takes immense pride in being accredited by Services SETA, one of the premier Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) in the country. This accreditation serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and industry relevance in the field of skills development.

At Leap, we understand the critical importance of offering training programs that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality set forth by regulatory bodies. Our accreditation by Services SETA is a validation of our dedication to delivering training that is not only robust and comprehensive but also tailored to the evolving needs of various industries.

By aligning our training offerings with the stringent criteria laid out by Services SETA, we ensure that our programs are meticulously designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and competencies demanded by today’s competitive job market. From curriculum development to delivery methods, every aspect of our training is meticulously scrutinized to guarantee that it not only meets but surpasses the benchmarks of excellence set by industry regulators.

It aligns with national regulations and the requirements of the Skills Development Act, guaranteeing that our programs help individuals achieve recognized qualifications.

Why This Matters:

  1. Quality Assurance: Our Services SSETA accreditation means our training programs are rigorously evaluated to meet industry standards.
  2. Relevant Training: We tailor our courses to suit the evolving needs of the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport sectors, empowering students to excel in their careers.
  3. Recognition: Learners who complete our Services SETA-accredited programs receive qualifications recognized throughout South Africa.

By choosing Leap Skills Development Institute, you’re choosing excellence. Partner with us to develop the skills you need for success.