ETDP SETA Accreditation

Being accredited by ETDP SETA means that our training programs adhere to the highest standards of quality, efficacy, and industry alignment. It signifies that our curriculum, methodologies, and assessment practices have undergone rigorous evaluation and scrutiny to ensure they meet the stringent criteria set forth by this esteemed regulatory body.

At Leap Institute, we understand the pivotal role that quality accreditation plays in instilling confidence in our learners and stakeholders. It demonstrates our dedication to providing training that not only meets the needs of today’s industries but also anticipates and prepares for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our accreditation by ETDP SETA is a stamp of approval that underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in education and training. It serves as a guarantee to our learners that they are receiving education and skills development of the highest caliber, recognized and respected by employers and industry professionals alike.

Why This Matters:

  1. Quality Assurance: Our ETDP SETA accreditation means our training programs are rigorously evaluated to meet industry standards.
  2. Relevant Training: We tailor our courses to suit the evolving needs of the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport sectors, empowering students to excel in their careers.
  3. Recognition: Learners who complete our ETDP SETA-accredited programs receive qualifications recognized throughout South Africa.

By choosing Leap Skills Development Institute, you’re choosing excellence. Partner with us to develop the skills you need for success.